Health Benefits

Effective April 1, 2018 – We have a new name

The SEIU Local 1 & Participating Employers Health Trust (formerly Local 25 SEIU Welfare Fund) exists for one purpose: to provide health benefits to participants and their eligible dependents.

The Health Plan results from collective bargaining between certain associations, employers and Service Employees International Union Local 1 (Local 25 SEIU merged with Local 1 SEIU on January 1, 1998).

The Plan is funded by contributions from participating employers.

Contributions to the Fund are at fixed rates based on hours or months of employment, as described in the collective bargaining agreement. The money goes into a trust fund that is managed by the Board of Trustees. Trust Fund assets, including investment earnings, are used to pay benefits and administrative expenses, and to pay the cost of contracts between suppliers of services and the Board of Trustees.